Our sustainability ethos

We are passionate about creating an eco-friendly and sustainable year-round alpine holiday company that minimizes its negative impact on the surrounding environment and operates in accordance with the principles of responsible tourism.

Unlike many in the wider ski industry, we care a great deal about the quality and sources of the food we serve and our impact on the local environment. We do our best to minimize our resource use, and, as owner-operators, we encourage our people to do the same.

We are careful about the food we buy

Unlike many chalet companies, we:

  1. Use seasonal produce in our menus as far as possible, and try to support local artisans and market gardeners where we can
  2. Only use organic or local red meat (the cows live outside here except in winter), and free range chicken and eggs, sourcing from local farmers when possible
  3. Avoid milk and other dairy products from mega dairy farms, and support Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) in its fight against cruel and abusive factory farming methods
  4. Ensure none of the products we use contain uncertified palm oil (a major cause of deforestation and the destruction of endangered animal habitats)

We reduce, re-use and recycle

This means we:

  1. Compost kitchen waste and re-use scraps where we can (the neighbour’s chickens love the left-overs, as do our dogs!)
  2. Recycle tins, plastic bottles, glass, paper and cardboard, batteries, light bulbs & printer cartridges (and we encourage guests to do the same)
  3. Try to keep our energy consumption to the minimum. The house is well-insulated and the windows thickly glazed. The electric radiators in the rooms are thermostatic (often guests find the rooms are so well insulated they don’t need them on at all!)
  4. Have mostly A and AA rated appliances, and an increasing amount of low energy lighting
  5. Don’t do postal mailshots, keep paper use to a minimum, and use recycled printer paper

We consider our environmental impact

As a result, we:

  1. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products and a green cleaning system that avoids unhygienic and unrecyclable kitchen sponges
  2. Reduce the use of detergents, water and electricity by only changing towels on request
  3. Don’t provide bottled water (we’ve been drinking the local tap water for over 10 years)
  4. Use log stoves (not inefficient open fires) to heat the living areas, fuelled by wood sustainably sourced from local woodcutters
  5. Use waste paper and cardboard to light our stoves, not noxious fire lighters
  6. Encourage guests to be mindful of their energy use in the chalet, and turn down heaters when they’re not in their room (it’s also why we charge self-catered guests on top for their electricity use)
  7. Encourage guests to come by train by offering station transfers and price reductions
  8. Monitor our energy and water consumption, and our output of waste
  9. Continually look for ways to improve our sustainable approach and reduce our environmental impact

We support the local community

This means we try to:

  1. Provide information on activities in the area run by local people and help arrange activities for guests
  2. Encourage our guests to employ local guides and hire equipment from local shops
  3. Use local suppliers for bread, laundry and meat, in preference to big chains
  4. Offer work placements to students from the Savoie

Our goal is to be climate neutral

We’re always looking for ways we can reduce our negative impact on the environment and operate more sustainably. We’re doing this a step at the time, but one day soon we aim to be “climate neutral“.

During the 2015/16 season, we hope to:

  • Trial bokashi and worm composting systems for processing the food waste our dogs and the neighbours’ chickens can’t eat
  • Join a carbon off-setting programme or start our own projects to off-set our unavoidable carbon emissions
  • Switch our electricity supply to a green tariff that supports renewable energy initiatives in France
  • Take a local student on a placement to help with our French marketing


We believe in fair pricing

Our prices reflect our sustainable tourism ethos too. We try to keep our prices reasonable from a customer perspective, but we think they should also fairly reflect the high quality holiday experience we offer and its eco-friendly, socially responsible underpinnings.

If we’re to off-set our carbon emissions, source meat ethically, support local producers and create a sustainable year-round business, we’re likely to charge more than those who don’t. That said, we probably charge less than many “luxury” chalet operators who do none of these things!